The Maple Leafs have had a relatively quiet week, with three days off before Wednesday’s game, and then another two leading into this weekend. I hope they enjoyed that chance to rest up as there’s no more to come as they set off to play out the last five weeks of the season before the playoffs begin.

The start of this week was the final three day break the team will get between now and April 29. In fact, having more than one consecutive day off is quite rare in the balance of the schedule, happening only on two occasions, with the rest of the time games on every other day, if not back-to-back with travel like this weekend.

It will be a gruelling schedule loaded with games against some of the top teams in the league; including multiple games against each one of the potential first and second round playoff opponents: the Panthers, Lightning, Capitals and Bruins.

It all starts with a game against the Canadiens tomorrow night, then the Leafs host the Panthers on Sunday. Both games are 7:00 p.m. starts.

Other News

I can’t believe the Ducks let this guy go!

Speaking of players who have moved on, Claude Giroux got his first point for a team that is not the Flyers since he started playing in the NHL in 15 years ago.

The Capitals are getting one of the top undrafted goalies from the NCAA.

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Speaking of the NCAA tournament, Harvard was eliminated yesterday, losing 4-3 to Minnesota State. This means Nick Abruzzese is now available to be signed by the Leafs and added to their roster. That assumes he wants to turn pro and drop out of Harvard before his final year, though given the comments by Dubas on Monday, it sounds like he’s already communicated that plan to the team.

Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here.

What is your prediction for this weekend?

They beat both the Habs and Panthers.163
They beat the Habs, but lose to the Panthers.82
The Leafiest outcome: they lose horribly to the last-place Habs, but easily beat the first-place Panthers.211
The pessimist option: they lose both games and a goalie is probably injured somehow.60
All I know is Mason Marchment will totally get a hat trick on Sunday.75