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It was a big news day for the Leafs yesterday! After New Jersey won the Meier sweepstakes and Tampa paid an arm and a leg for the third liner of the year on Sunday, Dubas responded by making a big trade to pick up two guys who had been rumoured to the Leafs on and off for the past couple of months: Jake McCabe and Sam Lafferty. Check out more details about the trade in our post over here:

Maple Leafs acquire Sam Lafferty and Jake McCabe

Joey Anderson, who was traded away in yesterday’s deal, made his debut with the Blackhawks right away and played yesterday. Playing with the Blackhawks isn’t quite the same as playing for the Leafs, but he is getting NHL time, technically.

The Leafs’ next game is in Edmonton on Wednesday, so the new guys have a bit more time to draw in than Anderson — or O’Reilly and Acciari, for that matter — took. We’ll have to see where Keefe slots them in.

There are still a couple of days left for NHL GMs to make trades, but it’s hard to know what trades there are left to make. Will Edmonton get a defenceman? Will Gavrikov get traded? Will someone get JVR? How long will the list of players held out indefinitely end up being? Are the Leafs even done yet?

Other News

This is a thread I saw yesterday on twitter about non-white hockey players, and I thought was worth sharing. It’s not that surprising to read, but it’s certainly disheartening, and highlights why the Akim Aliu and the HDA’s work is so necessary:

Here’s the story it’s based on, too, for more context, along with a thread Rick Westhead wrote about it. Akim Aliu has been looking to make more spots in minor AAA for BIPOC players, but the GTHL hasn’t been receptive:

In lighter news, making a menu themed specifically for a picky eater does not seem like a good call to me, but apparently you’ll soon be able to eat like Mitch if you’d like. Ice-cream soup, anyone?

If there were too many people involved in the making of your radio, Rogers has got the solution for you!

And, finally, this was quite a funny goal from last night:

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!