You know it’s officially hockey season when we bring back the Sunday FTB! The Maple Leafs celebrated this occasion in advance last night, winning yet another pre-season game, this time 3-2 against the Buffalo Sabres.

Pre-Season Recap: Auston Matthews and the Marlies beat Sabres 3-2

The Leafs have tonight off, but will will be back into action tomorrow against the Canadiens at the 40 Bay Street arena.

Which of those two teams will be out tomorrow is not yet known, though the roster may be released today. There could be a handfull of cuts when Babcock breaks down the team in this manner as well. Either way, we will have a 75% clear picture of what the Leafs and Marlies rosters will look like in the coming season by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Nazem Kadri and Connor Carrick have been learning to cook.

I have never heard of this “celebrity chef” before, though he does appear to have restaurants all over the world. Scanning the menus, they are mostly classic French cuisine. It’s the kind of place that doesn’t offer anything particularly innovative or hispterish, but simply executes traditional French cuisine competently and consistently every time. But get your wallet out. His Toronto location is in Yorkville, and per the breakfast menu on their website the rather simple omelette they make in this video is sold at Café Boulud for $26 (plus $8 if you want a side of potatoes).

Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

Leafs Sign Der-Arguchintsev to Entry-Level Contract - Fulemin
[Species: Note that this isn’t from yesterday, but we did update it with new details about the contract, including Kyle Dubas using the little known Article 9.4 of the CBA to ensure Semyon Der-Arguchintsev will get paid no matter where he plays.]

Other News

Peter Flagler, the Marlies locker-room attendant, brought the cup back home to Toronto at Michael Power high school.

Dillon Dube’s Time is Now - Matchsticks and Gasoline
The Flames rookie has dazzled in early pre-season action. [Species: I'm pretty sure he isn't allowed to play until October 17. Yes, I am including this link solely for the point of making that joke.]

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The Flyers tried to sneak Danick Martel past everyone, but no dice.

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Spencer Knight sure hopes so.

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Here are all the alternate jerseys (announced to date) that you will see in the 2018-19 season.

Software disenchantment - Nikita Prokopov
"The Android system with no apps takes almost 6 Gb. Just think for a second how obscenely HUGE that number is. What’s in there, HD movies? I guess it’s basically code: kernel, drivers. Some string and resources too, sure, but those can’t be big. So, how many drivers do you need for a phone? Windows 95 was 30Mb! Windows 10 is 4Gb, which is 133 times as big. But is it 133 times as superior?"