Over the weekend, we had some good hockey. On Saturday, the Washington Capitals beat the Vegas Golden Knights to take a 2-1 series lead in the Stanley Cup Finals. We’re two Caps wins away from never having to hear another god damned hot take about Ovechkin not being able to win when it matters. That’s good!

But we’re also two Caps wins away from hearing all about how Ovechkin couldn’t win without noted shithead, Tom Wilson’s grart and toughness. That’s bad.

Hopefully Tom Wilson gets laced with Potassium Benzoate. That’s good!

Also on Saturday, the Toronto Marlies staged a wild comeback to take game 1 of the Calder Cup Finals 6-5. That’s good!

But then they lost game 2-1. That’s bad.

Now they go on the road to Texas for at least three more games, with a good chance they come back to Toronto for the series to get clinched. That’s good!


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Who do you want to win the most?

Toronto Marlies98
Vegas Golden Knights7
Alex Ovechkin34
Me, because I just got a Lottomax ticket with a $60 million jackpot!26