So, with the NHL combine this past weekend, and the draft three weeks away, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know just how many Leafs draft picks ended a season or two (or rarely...more) for the team.

The results of my labours were...underwhelming. The first couple rounds had some great picks, but overall it’s not just Mark Hunter who picked players that went nowhere; it was every scout and GM hired by the team.

Wacky, eh?

So, here are the summarized results for the Leafs first round picks. The rest of the draft will follow over the course of the week. This is just a series on things I found while sorting the picks, I don’t have much of a narrative other than satisfying my own curiosity.

Let’s start with what position the Maple Leafs focus on.

Centres and defenders have been the most popular picks in round one, though most players who were drafted as centres will end up as wingers in the NHL.

The OHL is the most popular league to pick from by a mile, with the WHL and SHL trailing behind just close enough to be dots in the OHL’s rear view mirror.

So how did the picks do?

Well, 10 first rounds never played a game for the Maple Leafs at all: Luca Cereda (1999), John Wright (1966), Steve Bancroft (1989), Grant Marshall (1992), Eric Fichaud (1994), Ernie Moser (1969), Landon Wilson (1993), Tyler Biggs (2011), Tuukka Rask (2005), and Timothy Liljegren (2017). Timmy’s got the benefit of the doubt here as he was only drafted last year. The rest were just bad picks or (sigh) bad trades.

Of those who did play, the most successful first round pick was Darryl Sittler (1971), who played 844 games for the Maple Leafs, scoring 389 goals, 527 assists for 916 points. Only four other players put in more than 500 games as a Leaf after being picked in round one: Wendel Clark (1985), Ian Turnbull (1973), John Anderson (1977), and Nik Antropov (1998). Nazem Kadri (2009) is looking to join that group, as he’s only 12 games away from his 500th as a Maple Leaf.

The first draft pick: Walt McKechnie

Going to the opposite end of the scale — of those players who played an NHL game for the Maple Leafs, Tom Martin (1965) had the fewest games played at just three. He was drafted from the Toronto Marlboroughs OHA team and played only three games for the Leafs (1 goal) before spending the majority of his career in the minors/WHA.

On average the typical first round pick will play 189 games for the Maple Leafs, score 48 goals, add 73 assists for 121 points. If we only count players who have played games, that number jumps up to 248 games, 60 goals, 92 assists for 151 points.

Here are all of the Maple Leafs first round picks since the NHL Amateur draft began.

Maple Leafs round one picks

PlayerPostitionDraft YearNHL GPGoalsAssistsPointsPMFromGAASV%SO
Darryl SittlerC1971844389527916763OHL
Wendel ClarkLW19856082601814411535WHL
Ian TurnbullD1973590112302414651OHL
John AndersonLW1977534189204393166OHL
Nikolai AntropovC1998509125166291477Russia Super
Nazem KadriC2009488145168313344OHL
Lanny McDonaldRW1973477219240459372WHL
Al IafrateD198447281169250546OHL
Vincent DamphousseC1986394118211329260QMJHL
Morgan RiellyD20123883114017189WHL
Jim BenningD198136437136173289WHL
George FergusonC197235957110167236OHL
Luke SchennD2008310146175217WHL
Russ CourtnallRW198330990128218243WHL
Luke RichardsonD1987299113950597OHL
Bob NeelyD1973261365389264OHL
Alex SteenLW20022535076126106SHL
Gary NylundD198221875057376WHL
Rob PearsonRW1989192494291458OHL
Laurie BoschmanLW19791873970109406WHL
William NylanderC2014185488713546SHL
Jack ValiquetteC197417233669952OHL
Mitch MarnerC2015159418913064OHL
Auston MatthewsC2016144745813226NLA
Don AshbyC197514126406634WHL
Walt McKechnieC1963133327210422OHA JrB
Drake BerehowskyD199013372835181OHL
Trevor JohansenD197713242125134OHL
Carlo ColaiacovoD200111112213357OHL
Brad SelwoodD1968996273371OHL
Kenny JonssonD1993896293538SHL
Jiri TlustlyLW20067410102014Czech
Scott PearsonLW19886351116114OHL
Brad BoyesRW2000608162412OHL
Brandon ConveryC1992507101724OHL
Frederick GauthierC20133732523QMJHL
Scott ThorntonC19893313430OHL
Jeff WareD1995150006OHL
Stuart PercyD2011120332OHL
Tom MartinRW196531010Ont. Midget
Luca CeredaC199900000NLA
John WrightC196600000OHA JrB
Steve BancroftD198900000OHL
Grant MarshallRW199200000OHL
Eric FichaudG199400000QMJHL000
Timothy LiljegrenD201700000SHL
Ernie MoserRW196900000SJHL
Tuukka RaskG200500000SM-Liiga000
Landon WilsonRW199300000USHL
Tyler BiggsRW201100000USNTDP

Thanks for letting my curiosity get into your brains as well. Round two is up tomorrow.