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Sheldon Keefe with update on Andreas Johnson's condition

Keefe called the hit by Dan Kelly on Johnson sickening and hard to watch.

Dan Kelly and Josh Leivo discussing the state of hockey today.
Dan Kelly and Josh Leivo discussing the state of hockey today.
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Marlies coach Sheldon Keefe spoke to the media today after their practice, and had the following to say about the blindside elbow to the head by Dan Kelly on Andreas Johnson.

Q: How is Johnson doing? Take us through what happened last night and how he feels today.

A: Yeah, he's feeling a lot better today, and he was in pretty rough shape leaving here from everything I was told and didn't remember anything, and there was a lot of cause for concern, certainly. So he went off to the hospital, and a member of our training staff went with him. Andrew Campbell, our captain went with him as well to provide some support there for him, and he spent a good part of the night there, and late in the night he was released back to the hotel. We took care of him through the night to check on him and make sure he was good, and he came down for breakfast this morning, late this morning, and looked to be in good spirits and doing a lot better so that made me certainly feel a lot better. Watching that hit over and over again last night was sickening and hard to watch. But to see him down at breakfast today made me feel a lot better about everything and it was good to see that so you know, we're not going to expect him back on the ice any time soon.

He also described Stu Percy as a game time decision for the Thursday game in Albany, and said his injury was not a head injury and involves tightness and stiffness.

You can see the full interview here:

Highlights of the game are also available:

Thursday's game is at 7:00pm in Albany and will be broadcast on Leafs TV and TSN 1050 radio.

The AHL has not yet released any information on the expected supplementary disciple for Dan Kelly.