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Toronto Marlies are Calder Cup Champions

It took seven games, but the Toronto Marlies are now officially AHL Champions after winning this one 6-1.

SB Nation

They did it! The Marlies won Game 7 and are the AHL Calder Cup Champions!

The Texas Stars goalie Mike McKenna put up a good fight, but with the shots on goal 34-17 after two periods, the Marlies powered to a win with two goals in the first period and two in the third:

The refs called a goal off this scramble, and it sure seems the whistle had blown it dead:

But Johnny said, no more:

And your captain, Ben Smith put it in the empty net to make it 5-1. Mason Marchment added another, and the rout was complete: 6-1.

We’ll be updating this post as the night goes on with more news and comments form the players and Maple Leafs management. In the meantime...