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Egor Korshkov suspended for boarding in the last Marlies game

Korshkov will sit out one, game, the first game of the season he’ll miss.

Egor Korshkov has been suspended by the AHL for one game for a boarding incident in the Marlies game on December 1. He will not play in tomorrow night’s game.

He was penalized at the time with a double minor for boarding and roughing from the shoving match than ensued. There wasn’t a very good video of it, and the AHL streaming service was poor that day, so I don’t see any clips of it online.

Meanwhile, earlier in the game, this happened:

Which was indeed called high-sticking, and attracted no league attention. Teemu Kivihalme, the victim there, had to leave the ice for concussion protocol. From a high stick.

Korshkov’s hit was very right on the numbers, and very close to the boards, so the boarding call seems legitimate.