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Toronto Marlies add defender Riley McCourt

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Normally the AHL roster would be full by now, but so far the signings have been few and far between.

Flint Firebirds v Mississauga Steelheads Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images

The Toronto Marlies announced a signing today, 20-year-old left-shooting defender Riley McCourt. He is listed at 5’11” and 172 lbs.

McCourt has just finished three full seasons in the OHL, mostly with the Flint Firebirds. He was an offensive force in the OHL, with almost a point per game in his last season, and he finished third on his team in points.

Undrafted over three years, McCourt was never ranked on any major lists. He joins a roster of only a few signed AHLers and the usual crew of defence-heavy NHL-contracted prospects.