Yesterday the Marlies got Joe Woll, Pontus Holmberg and Alex Steeves back to play the two periods of a game against the Moose that was previously suspended due to a medical emergency in the stands. Erik Källgren joined the Leafs to make things conform to the CBA rules.

Because the game is officially listed as occurring on January 13th, this win gives the Marlies a franchise record streak of nine wins.

The Marlies play a school day game tomorrow at  11 am. Go if you dare, take your earplugs, though.

“I got hit!”, “This scary NHL guy shot the puck at me!”, “I scored four goals.” (Not all rookies are created equally.)

The ongoing saga of Zachary L’Heureux, suspended indefinitely at the moment for spearing a fan, is one where you can see that maybe, just maybe some kind of intervention was needed before he got his ninth suspension in junior hockey:

NHL prospect suspended after allegedly jabbing fan with stick at Olympiques game | CBC News

This is the sixteen-year-old fan’s thoughts:

According to league records, L’Heureux has been suspended nine times in three seasons (including last week’s incident) for everything from high sticking to fighting on the ice. He’s been benched for a total of 27 games.

“The important thing is that he gets on track and stops being such a hothead on the ice and now at ... fans,” Coulter said.

“He has a promising future ... It’s just important that he get his head in the game.”

Dear QMJHL, a random teen who has been attacked by one of your players has his head more in the game than you.

His Leafs rumours are usually wrong, but this is legit:

Remington Group is a GTA builder of everything from more of the wide suburban sea to downtown (Markham) towers and retail/commercial. The key to their offer seems to be the ability to actually build the new Ottawa arena that the team requires and the city wants.

Other bidders are listed in the article as being “front-runners” likely because they have money in the hands of fewer individuals. While the NHL now allows more complex ownership schemes, it’s always felt to me like the league prefers a simpler construction of a one-person or one-corporation ownership.

But I can’t help but look at Tampa, where the ownership is profiting off of related real-estate development and think this is a very good model for a small(er) market team to flourish.

We’ll see where it goes, but the price tag might just make some other owners wonder if now is the time to sell up.

Happy Tuesday everyone.