The Leafs are in Jersey today for game 78. Doesn't it look nice?

As you may have read in the GDT last night, USA defeated Canada in overtime 1-0 at Women's Worlds. This puts the USA first and Canada second as both teams are undefeated otherwise. Today's games will decide who they will play in the quarterfinals. The possible outcomes are too complex to sort out, so wait until the end of the Japan - Denmark game tonight, and we'll know. Quarterfinals are on Thursday.

Now the news:

Hockey Canada grants Calgary defenceman Landon DuPont exceptional player status | CBC News
DuPont will be eligible for the Western Hockey League draft May 9 and able to play in the league on a full-time basis starting next season.
Dear Parents: Give Half-Ice Hockey a Chance
A Hockey Mom writes a letter to her fellow hockey parents

See you later with the preview for yet another Devils game. The Leafs are always playing the Devils these days.

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