August is here, and you know what that means: next month is September. Our T25U25 gears up this week with some preview content, including some players who narrowly missed. Within the next few days, Arvind and I will be making the case for why [redacted] not making the T25 was a tragedy on par with Hamlet. In the meantime, here are today's links.

Leafs Stuff

Pension Plan Puppets: Leafs' Waiver Eligibilities JP is here to help you rosterbate.

Pension Plan Puppers: Leafs' Prospects In Action At the NJEC Katya keeps you hip to the happenings at the NJEC. Marner, Bracco, Grundstrom, Woll and others are all in attendance.

Shanaplan Debate: Making A Case For Each Young Forward To Get In The Leafs' Lineup Next Year Everyone's talking about the Leafs' forward competition. Here are the kids...

Pension Plan Puppets: The Leafs' Old Dogs And How To Use Them And here's me talking about the vets.

Ex-Leafs Stuff

ESPN: After Escaping The Heat In Toronto, Jonathan Bernier Is Ready For Calmer Anaheim Bernier feels he's closer to a Cup in Anaheim than in Toronto, and he's probably right even with our old friend Randy running the show. Best of luck, Berns.

Blue Seat Blogs: What Are Realistic Expectations For Michael Grabner? So my thinking is that Grabner is all legs and no hands, like the demon Buer. Here is a drawing of Buer.

You are welcome.

Other Stuff

Causeway Crowd: The Boston Bruins Haven't Changed Enough I like this article because it's mostly just looking at the Bruins and saying "hey, we look like we're not actually very good!"

The Globe And Mail: Sabres' Kane Pleads Not Guilty To Charges In Bar Incident Not much to say beyond that, at the moment.

Second City Hockey: Blackhawks Top 25 Under 25 Intro As we gear up for our own prospect rankings, SCH is doing the same with Chicago's.

As always, feel free to add additional links in the comments. Brigs, feel free to add the links that are already posted. :P