It's Simcoe Day in Toronto, better known as the Civic Holiday, or simply that weird holiday where a confusing mix of things are open and closed. All bank branches, the stock market, and post offices are closed, but most retail stores are open but on something resembling their Sunday hours, with the big GTA malls only opening their doors at 11 a.m..

What’s open and closed in Toronto on the Civic Holiday 2023 - Toronto |
Here’s a closer look at what will be open and what will be closed in the Toronto area on the Civic Holiday.

The good news is today has an even more important meaning than honouring the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada: it's the eve of our Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25! That's right, while we've already talked about those prospects who didn't make our annual list, the real action starts up tomorrow with the official launch of our list with both #25 and #24. We'll also have a double hit on Wednesday with #23 and #22 before settling in to one post per weekday after that. It's gonna be an exciting week!

(checks Leafs prospect list)

Well .... exciting-ish .... maybe?

We'll also be introducing you to our voters in a post later this morning in which you can read all about how completely unqualified we are to do this.


The boys of Back to Excited have started up their off-season NHL review. This time they are splitting it into three parts, which means three straight weekends of podcast content! WOOHOO! You can check out part I here:

Back to Excited Episode 206: Around the NHL (Part 1)
Welcome to another episode of Back to Excited, where we do our annual offseason review of every NHL team. We’ve split it up into thirds this year, and still managed to go for 2.5 hours on 12 teams!

Other News

Here's all the coverage of Sunday's huge three team trade that revolved around Erik Karlsson moving to the Penguins, and Kyle Dubas immediately putting down all his chips in his new job. Montreal also got involved and moved Mike Hoffman and received Jeff Petry. It's a huge and complicated trade. Fortunately the Penguins explained it all in a nice infographic.

San Jose Trades Erik Karlsson to Pittsburgh
Well, it’s finally happened.
Montreal Canadiens reacquire Jeff Petry from the Pittsburgh Penguins
A blockbuster trade with Erik Karlsson involved the Canadiens.

Enjoy the holiday

Here is a VERY 1980's video trip for you for to take.