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WATCH: Mitch Marner learns Finnish, yells at Dylan Strome

Cabbie brings us the latest in the neverending saga of Marner and Strome being adorable.

The only shame here is that Mitch Marner and Dylan Strome can't always play on the same team. Sure, they might not have liked each other growing up because they were always against each other - and that history probably fuelled into their current friendship - but they're already the off-ice stars of Team Canada.

And considering how they'll probably be on-ice stars for Team Canada too, well, the 2015 draft class has been very kind to us.

In the latest edition of their friendship, we have TSN's Cabbie helpfully teaching them both - as well as Jake Virtanen, who has Finnish citizenship - some Finnish phrases they'll need to know.

And while Marner seems to pick it up pretty well, by far the best part of it all is the long interlude where he just starts yelling at an off-screen Strome about filters and snapchat.

Things will probably get a bit more serious when the actual games are being played, but for now, we can all enjoy Team Canada's gift to us that is Marner and Strome in the same room together. Happy Holidays.