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John Tory gives Justin Trudeau Leafs jersey but is ambushed by socks

Habs socks: an affront to us all.

First things first: respect for sports fandom. No matter who you are, your team is your team. Whether you're just an average person or the Prime Minister of Canada, you stick to your guns when it comes to your favourite team.

But there's a little extra territory that comes with being the PM. That's all of Canada. Sure, it's easy for John Tory, as mayor of Toronto, to proudly boast the Toronto Maple Leafs and force their colours on all who pass through. But when you're the leader of an entire country that plays host to multiple NHL teams, well...

... That's probably as diplomatic as you can get. Justin Trudeau's Montreal Canadiens socks are even practically Leafs-coloured, save for the logo, so actually, this is a well-done rebuttal.

This is adorably Canadian, all around.