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Josh Leivo loaned to Toronto Marlies

The Maple Leafs have returned Leivo to the AHL, but he should be back after the All-Star Break.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

While the NHL is gearing up for the John Scott show (otherwise known as the "All-Star Game", if you prefer), there's still hockey to be played in the lower leagues. With that, the Toronto Maple Leafs have kicked off their break with a roster move: Josh Leivo has been loaned to the Toronto Marlies.

It's a minor move. After all, the Leafs won't be playing again until Feb. 2, when they return against the Boston Bruins, so what good does it do Leivo, a 22-year-old with just 20 NHL games under his belt, to sit around until then?

The Marlies, meanwhile, have two games over the break - one in Grand Rapids on Jan. 29, and one back in Toronto on Jan. 30 - so by sending Leivo down, he gets the chance to get some extra playing time in. The Marlies have sent forward Eric Faille back to the Orlando Solar Bears, likely to make room for Leivo.

Leivo has yet to record a point in the four NHL games he's played this year, but he has 11 goals and 30 points through 35 games for the impressive Marlies, who are currently the AHL's best team. A little extra AHL time certainly won't hurt him - especially if he wouldn't be playing otherwise.