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Maple Leafs share highlight pack of NHL All-Star Leo Komarov

It's only 41 seconds long, but what a 41 seconds it is.

Leo Komarov is the Toronto Maple Leafs' sole representative to this year's NHL All-Star Game, but he's earned it. Not only is he one of the Leafs' leading scorers, but he's doing it after a stint in the KHL from just a couple of seasons ago. It's a long way to come, and it's really fantastic he made it.

And so - a highlight pack! Okay, it's only 41 seconds, and a handful of those seconds are filler, but it still does a pretty awesome job of showing you the good work Uncle Leo has put in so far this season. And the season is only 39 games young, so it's not like you can have minutes upon minutes upon minutes of stuff - that'd be hard to do for any player.

Here's to Komarov's selection once again! It's gonna be awesome to see him out there.

Best outfit in the league. #korporal

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"Best outfit in the league," for sure.