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WATCH: What would the Leafs get each other for Christmas?

Morgan Rielly is so thoughtful.

Okay, so Christmas is over. And so is Boxing Day, for that matter. The time for holiday gifts has passed.

... Or has it? One can always buy gifts for one another.

And maybe there’s a thing or two the players on the Toronto Maple Leafs were still missing. To that end, we share with you a somewhat late, but still wholly justified, video from Sportsnet, as they inquired on just what the Leafs would get each other for the holidays:

Is it any surprise Morgan Rielly is the nest? With Brooks Laich playing Team Dad on the Marlies, I suppose Rielly truly has become the Leafs’ Team Dad. (Leo Komarov makes a perfect Team Drunk Uncle.) So thoughtful, looking out for everyone, especially Auston Matthews, who apparently needs a lot of help.

... Meanwhile, Mitch Marner just wants to buy him, like, the world. Those two, I swear.

But somebody please make sure Matthews is living right. He’s very important.

And while Marner’s gift ideas are probably all very fun and definitely awesome, if it takes the 22-year-old who apparently can’t cook to realize what Matthews actually needs, well... Please look after these children.