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William Nylander asks Kasperi Kapanen 20 questions, both are the very best

Remember when Kapanen quizzed Nylander? How the tables have turned...

Okay, so here's the thing: I cannot get enough of William Nylander and Kasperi Kapanen. Sure, they're both great hockey players - Nylander in particular looks, well, beyond incredible - and that's good enough reason to like them.

But they're just. So. Adorable. Together.

I don't think any of us foresaw this when Kapanen came over to the Maple Leafs in the Phil Kessel trade, but our lives have all been enriched for the better thanks to these two having such great chemistry, both on and off the ice. Previously, Kapanen was the one asking Nylander the questions... but now, it's Nylander's turn to quiz Kapanen.

There are the basics, like what's Kapanen's nickname? He goes with Kappy and Kappanator, but Nylander throws in a suggestion for Cappuccino. Which, hey, it works.

They both have similar tastes - they both love The Longest Yard, for example, and both seem to really like Five Guys when it comes to fast food options. If Kapanen wasn't a hockey player, he'd want to be an F1 driver, which Nylander agrees would be pretty cool. His go-to karaoke song is Don't Stop Believing, which Nylander sings for him at the end - while Kapanen just mouths along.

Neither seems particularly fond of Kapanen wearing #42 with the Marlies, but he explains that #24 was his dad's number, so if it's available, he'd like to go back to it.

And then, there are the rifts. For example, Kapanen doesn't say Nylander is the linemate he's had the most success with, which earns him a look, and Nylander a very half-hearted apology. (But it's not like Nylander said Kapanen, so he doesn't have room to complain, does he?)

And then, there's the exchange when asked how Kapanen kills time during the long AHL bus rides.

"I'm on my phone or I'm with you."

"Which one do you like more?"

"Next question."

And the best moment of Kapanen's life to date? Is such a great edit.

I cannot wait for these two to continue their careers together. They're pretty much my favourite duo already, and they should be yours, too.