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The countdown to the World Cup of Hockey is officially on

To show us all this, here's a clock outside the Air Canada Centre!

With the trade deadline now past us, there's... really not a whole lot left to do, is there? I mean, I guess the Toronto Maple Leafs still have some games to play? The Toronto Marlies are putting up a historic run in the AHL, but with like, half the team playing in the NHL now anyway...

Oh! Wait! All day, initial 16-man rosters have been revealed for who's playing in the upcoming 2016 World Cup of Hockey. There will be some Leafs out there! So that's something to look forward to, you know, after the draft and all.

How do we know it'll be after the draft? Well, with the games taking place in the Air Canada Centre, the powers that be have decided to help us all out - by installing a countdown clock.

Any time you're wondering just how much longer it is until the World Cup is back, all you have to do is walk on by the ACC. The clock will have the answer.

It's a very nice-looking clock, too.