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Marlies sign defenceman Ty Stanton to ATO

The Toronto Marlies have signed 20-year-old defenceman Ty Stanton to an Amateur Try Out contract.

Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

The undrafted Stanton, who just finished his season with the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL, also had a try out last fall with the Detroit Red Wings. He attended the combine in 2013 where he cracked the top 10 in the wingspan measure, so we know he has reach.

He also has height. The WHL lists him at 6'4" and 200 lbs. Surprisingly, he's a leftie, while the Leafs, Marlies and Solar Bears have been looking at righties lately.

He finished eighth in scoring on his team with 5 goals and 32 assists in 67 games. One caution on those numbers is that a lot of those assists are secondary points. He drops down in the league rankings when you consider just primary points.

The Marlies are using every healthy player right now, and with this signing and the return of Freddie Gautier from the Leafs, they have a small amount of breathing room in manpower.

According to Marlies broadcaster Todd Crocker, Tylor Spink, who played last weekend is heading back to school.

Stanton is the brother of Ryan Stanton, also a defenceman, undrafted, who is currently playing for the Hershey Bears.

We should get a look at the younger Stanton this weekend when the Marlies host the IceCaps on Saturday afternoon.