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Little William Nylander had the best bowl cut ever

Lots of kids rock the bowl cut, but I'm not sure any of them have rocked it this hard.

Throwback. Back to before William Nylander scored his first NHL goal. Back before he played his first NHL game. Back before he dressed for even the Toronto Marlies, back before the Maple Leafs drafted him. Back when his dad was still playing hockey, with Brooks Laich assisting on his last goal before assisting his kid's first.

Back when Nylander was just a little kid, still getting his feet under him. Michael played in Tampa Bay through the 1999 calendar year, when William was two, three years old. And that brings us the above picture: standing on his skates, stick in hands, a traditional hockey photo pose... with the best bowl cut I have ever seen. Shiny, too.

He's always had great flow, eh? Though of course 19-year-old Nylander's hair is a bit more styled nowadays. He's about to embark on his fifth NHL game, he's got a goal under his belt - he probably isn't going back to the bowl cut any time soon.

But at least we can appreciate where he came from, because seriously, it was so great.