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HBK line praises Phil at Cup celebration

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It seems like everyone in Pittsburgh has only great things to say about Kessel's contribution...

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

At the Penguins Stanley Cup parade today Phil Kessel's line mates Nick Bonino and Carl Hagelin made their speeches and they made a point to mention what a help the oft-maligned by Toronto media winger was to them:

Nick Bonino: I just wanna say what a pleasure it was to play with the legend -- Phil Kessel"

Carl Hagelin: It's a true honor, no one's better than Phil.

Our own Acha now with the play by play:

Phil is standing there in his penguins jersey and champions cap looking embarrassed


The crowd laughs and says "YEAAAAH". The stage full of Penguins players laughs and claps for Phil, while he makes an arm motion that seems to mean, "What the fuck, guys" The other two make "come on and make a speech, Phil" hand motions, and Phil shakes his head, backing away from the mic.

The crowd shouts, "come on!"

So Phil turns and walks out of the video frame.

He grabs the Stanley Cup.

Some announcer with a deep Man Voice says, "PHIL KESSEL IS A STANLEY CUP CHAMPION."

And Phil hoists the cup over his head and says, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

While the crowd applauds the hell out of him.

"That's a picture worth a million words right there, folks," says the announcer.

You can watch the full video from Sportsnet below: