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Brooks Laich has the Instagram video of the summer

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It's mesmerizing. It's magic.

The draft is just under a week away. We care a lot; already established NHLers, maybe a little less so. They've got other things to do - like relax, take a bit of time for themselves, be on vacation. Hang out by the pool and chill, you know?

And, if you're Brooks Laich, film really clever Instagram videos.


A video posted by Brooks Laich (@brookslaich) on

The planning, movement, cooperation between all parties that had to go into this - it's simply extremely well done. It looks perfectly normal to start but then - hey, magic!

Props to Laich's effort on this: his trade of entertainment is sports, but it's cool he can do creative stuff, too. And major props to the kid for going along with it wonderfully and being cool with getting chucked into the water like that. Must have been fun!