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Adam Henrique does amazing Reddit AMA, talks Lou Lamoriello

He went at it for hours. Henrique is a man of the people.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Henrique is not a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Far from it, in fact; rather, he was drafted by the New Jersey Devils, has played for them for six seasons, and still has another three years left on his deal.

But he also just endeared himself to hockey fans everywhere with his recent - and seemingly neverending, as he is, evidently, a chatty guy - Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything").

A couple of questions were focused on Lou Lamoriello: previous general manager of the Devils, and the man who drafted Henrique; current general manager of the Leafs.

The first one was an easy one, with an awesome answer:

pateyhfx: hey Adam, would Lou have ever allowed this?

AdamHenrique14: No.

So... no Leafs AMAs any time soon, eh?

the-face: Hey Adam nice of you to stop by. My question to you is what was your impression the first time you met Lou. Was he intimidating? Was he polite etc? Thanks again!

AdamHenrique14: When I first met him it was intimidating but he was always very polite and getting to know him over the years I've developed a deep respect for him. He's always been great to his players and genuinely cares for his players and their families.

He gave me my start....I will always be grateful to him!

Aw. For as scary as Lou can come across, it's fantastic to know he's genuinely a good guy to his players.

Henrique is awesome for doing this. Maybe one day we'll be able to get more from a Leafs player - but probably not until Lou has moved on elsewhere. You know, because he's Lou.