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Kerby Rychel's cat has a Twitter

His name is Tempelton J Rychel, and he is your new favourite cat.


So you were probably excited when the Toronto Maple Leafs picked up Kerby Rychel from the Columbus Blue Jackets, right? The 2013 first round pick had reportedly wanted out, but things went quiet until the Leafs got him on draft day.

And you may have thought you were excited for the right reasons. A 21-year-old with high pedigree, coming in to join a rebuilding Leafs team where he's sure to get opportunity and hopefully flourish like he never did in Columbus? And sure. You could be excited about that.

But the best thing about him is that his cat, Tempelton J Rychel, has his own Twitter account.

No, seriously.

Tempelton is an absolutely awesome cat. He is big and fluffy and loves hockey and Kerby and whatever team he plays for. So Tempelton is basically the best Leafs fan ever, now.