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Phil Kessel bringing the cup home to Toronto

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He still loves the city, wants top share his special day with us all.

Pittsburgh Penguins Victory Parade and Rally Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

As Phil mentioned on Sportsnet590 after the Penguins won the Stanley Cup about the possibility of doing so, Chris Johnston from Sportsnet has confirmed that yes, Phil will host his day with the cup here in Toronto.

This is a great gesture, confirming Phil’s love of the city he grew up as a player in.

With the knowledge the cup will be here, I wonder what the day would be like? He could host a public party, if he charged $10 for a picture with the cup (and this is the REAL cup, not the stand in that’s usually on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame), he’d have more cash to donate to a charity than PK Subban.

Would he keep it a private affair, making spontaneous appearances around the city? Would he share the day with the city he loves?

There’s only one request this guy, and many other have:

Phil, please meet us at the corner of Front & John for a hotdog with the cup.