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WATCH: Will Arnett enacts basically every Leafs fan's dream

He's wearing a Toronto jersey. He gets ahold of the Stanley Cup. He cries a little.

We're four games into the Stanley Cup Final! The buyout period will soon open! The 2016 NHL Draft is just a couple of weeks away! What more interest could there be for a hockey fan?

... Oh, right, the NHL Awards are coming up, too! On June 22 - otherwise known as two days until Auston Matthews - Will Arnett will host the show as the NHL's best get shiny trophies nowhere near as important as the Stanley Cup to celebrate their accomplishments.

Arnett hosting the show is key here, because:

  1. He's actually funny.
  2. He's a noted Toronto Maple Leafs fan!

There are a couple of ads up on Sportsnet's YouTube channel (those are three separate links, there), but this is the only one that has Arnett in a Leafs jersey. With the Stanley Cup. And then things get really, really emotional.

(... That feeling when you realize the Leafs haven't won in Arnett's lifetime... How much was he acting in that ad and how much was real, do you think?)