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Leo Komarov is married!

There is a wedding in Helsinki, and some Leafs are there.

July 1 is an exciting day. Not only is it Canada Day, but it's the start of free agency - a day when most teams (and apparently, the Maple Leafs are no exception) get to throw money around.

July 2 is a somewhat exciting day. There are still some signings going on, and also, apparently, a wedding.

Wedding SZN

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Some of the boys are in Helsinki, looking fancy. Nazem Kadri spent his Canada Day over in Finland. Even though Michael Grabner is no longer a Leaf, he's still with the boys. Anthony Belza (bottom left) was a Leafs conditioning coach in 2014-15. And then there's Leo Komarov - who's Finnish, and therefore has the most reason to be there; plus, he has a bowtie.

Of course, we've got nothing confirmed. Merely our attempts at logical deducing.

Possibly relatedly (or maybe unrelatedly), Rich Clune is looking fresh:

Rule 25: when crashing a wedding, always have a clean shave. Thanks #SchickHydro

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Or both. It's probably both.

July 3: Yep, he's married! Leo Komarov married Juulia Manner last night, his girlfriend of ten years! And Dickey Clune, while looking very dapper, was not actually at this wedding.

Via Google Translate: "Finnish Russian NHL hockey player Leo Komarov and his longtime wife Juulia Manner have married. Playing the Toronto Maple Leafs. Komarov and Manner signed a covenant on Saturday on the island of Suomenlinna Finland Helsinki."

Happy life together)))) #wedding#leo#juulia

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