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Toronto Marlies bring back Rich Clune

Good ol' Dickey Clube is back for another year of making sure the kids train hard...or else.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Toronto Marlies are on a tear this morning, making sure they have enough vet's to train the youngsters well. One Marlies player last year who is returning is Richard Clune.

Clune was brought in on an AHL deal last season and has become something of a father to many of the kids on the Leafs. He's been teaching them how to play a bigger game. Soshnikov credited Clune to helping him be more of a pest, on the radio last week he told the kids to "train hard or Dickey Clune will be breathing down their necks".

Last season Clune was on an NHL/AHL deal, and with the Marlies he had 8G + 16A in 49 games, and in the NHL he added 4 assists in 19 games.

A popular player in the room, with everyone he talks to off the ice, Clune will be looked at as a mentor again this season.

[Here is a small best-of Clune social media, added by Acha.]

#tbt Rocking the playoff beard in true form. #SchickHydro help the kid out?

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#motivationmonday secret late night bike rides in #california #hardwork #training #animal #letsgo #Bane #summer

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Three amigos after a #workout. #spaniardsystem

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good kids @williamnylander @kasperikapanen1

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I think I'm starting to get on TC's nerves.

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