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Babsocks are coming to a World Cup of Hockey near you

The iconic socks feature Mike Babcock's face, and they're beautiful.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how you felt when Mike Babcock first joined the Toronto Maple Leafs? Pretty awesome, right?

Then remember how you felt when you picked up a pair of Babsocks? So named for the Leafs' coach, they feature his face, so you can carry Babcock's wisdom everywhere you go.

Or maybe you don't have a pair yet. In which case, no problem - the World Cup of Hockey is partnering with Babsocks.

Babcock will be Team Canada's head coach for the World Cup. It's fitting, considering how he's led them to two Olympic golds in 2010 and 2014, not to mention just how much he's improved the Leafs in his first year of head coach. (Maybe not in the standings, but their underlying numbers shot up in their first year with him.)

And now you can get his face on your feet. Or, more accurately, on a new pair of socks. And that's a deal we can all get behind.