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Centennial Classic logo revealed

The Leafs and Wings will play each other outside on Jan. 1, 2017.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ centennial year is almost officially upon us! The countdown is on as we go through the motions of preseason and figuring out the season’s opening roster.

Soon, the Leafs will be playing their first of the 82 games that actually matter. One of those games is going to be a bit more special than the other ones, though: an outdoor game at BMO Field between the Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings called the Centennial Classic.

Special games get special logos. Here’s the Classic’s:

Nice, clean, simple, and cute work to make the I in "centennial" the CN Tower, even though that might have been slightly more fitting if the game was right next to it at Rogers Centre.

Still! BMO Field is probably the better location for an outdoor hockey game, and it should be a great one.