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Zach Hyman, William Nylander, Leo Komarov show up with the same jacket

A bunch of Leafs all wearing the same thing again?

Good teammates stick together. They wear the same uniforms. They look like, you know, a team.

On the ice. The expectation doesn’t extend quite as much off the ice, but don’t tell that to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Can't believe they showed up with the same jacket @moncler

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Zach Hyman, William Nylander, and Leo Komarov all showed up wearing the same thing - how embarrassing. (Though it looks like Hyman’s taken the hood off of his.) Then again, that looks like an awesome jacket, so who could blame them?

And that’s just what those three are up to. Who knows how many other Leafs got the same jacket, or what other shenanigans they’re up to? We already know about Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner...

That’s some de ja vu.