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Connor Carrick played his 100th NHL game, is thankful

Also, he doesn’t have a bowl cut.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Playing even just one game in the NHL is amazing.

It’d be easy to disparage. Pfft, what’s one game? So many have done so much more than that. But fact remains, even just playing one NHL game is more than most hockey players will ever get to do, ever.

So playing 100 of them? That’s mindblowingly awesome, and that’s exactly what Connor Carrick got to achieve against the Islanders.

Would a win have made it better? Well yeah, probably; the point of playing is to win, after all. But it’s still incredibly special Carrick - the 22-year-old defenceman of a career five goals and 12 assists - has made it as far as he already has. (With more to come, even.)

We’re definitely all as proud as eight-year-old him - because this is worthy of being proud of.

We are also proud of him for no longer having a bowl cut. Congrats are well-deserved all around.