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Maybe the Leafs should try taking Nazem Kadri’s cat on the road

She wants to go, and you can’t argue with a cat.

The Toronto Maple Leafs had a... not-so-great road trip. They went 1-2-1 and gave up 22 goals in the process, which is far from ideal.

They’re still in a playoff spot, though! And considering where they were last year, that’s really impressive. They’ll just need to be better.

The Leafs did return home with a win, and in fact, will play most of their games this month at home. But that doesn’t mean they won’t need better performances next time they hit the road - especially if they’re still in the midst of the playoff hunt.

Jazzy Kadri may have a solution for that.

Next time I'm going with #roadies

A photo posted by Jazzy Kadri (@jazzykadri) on

Jazzy’s a cat, so of course she’s going to go wherever she wants. And if she wants to be in Nazem’s suitcase, then she will be. And if she so happens to be there when the Leafs are on the road, well, that’s some luck she can bring to the team, isn’t it?

It’s certainly worth a shot. Jazzy’s a good kitty.