Happy Victoria Day, everyone.

Today is the official Queen’s birthday. Or the King in the fullness of time, I suppose, but Victoria’s birthday stands in for all the monarchs even if it’s actually May 24.

It’s a tough one to celebrate this year. All the traditional Canadian ways to mark this solemn occasion which all involve that other definition of two-four, seem hollow and empty. Or in violation of health guidelines.

If you want to responsibly get a two-four, check out this handy guide to who delivers where in Ontario:

Ontario Beer Delivery Index

Now before you run off back to bed to enjoy your holiday by dreaming of a future full of hockey, beer, social distancing only for people who like that sort of thing and a moratorium on line graphs about death and despair... some links.  (Don’t expect much, and you won’t be disappointed.)

What would the NHL’s return look like? The details of a format being considered – The Athletic
Who plays who? Which teams get a bye? What will the format be? Scott Burnside details one model being considered by the NHL and its players.

Why (Not) Play On Your Off-Wing? - The Hockey Tactics Newsletter
Factors to consider when deploying wingers for optimal offensive effectiveness

Senators' Eugene Melnyk hopes NHL can have lottery, draft in June - Sportsnet.ca
Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk says there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to determining the next step of the NHL's plan to return to action and hopes that the league can have the draft lottery and the NHL Draft in the month of June.

What's it like to ride shotgun with Sidney Crosby? - Sportsnet.ca
Even 15 years into his NHL career, it can be tricky to capture everything that makes Sidney Crosby so good. So we asked his linemates to do it for us.

NHL, NHLPA making progress on potential 24-team playoff format - TSN.ca

Zach Hyman, J.T. Compher join forces to organize NHLPA Fortnite tournament - TSN.ca

Should a full player vote be used when NHLPA receives final return proposal? - Video - TSN
As of right now, the NHLPA has not received the final return proposal from the NHL, but when they do, should the NHLPA executive committee of 31 player reps vote or should they implement a full player vote on the matter? Darren Dreger and Ray Ferraro weigh in and also touch on escrow and how it has a factor in the return to play conversation.

And now you get to help me out. As you’ve noticed, we’ve been padding the front page, er, revisiting some classic PPP content this month. I got tired of the bad old days stuff that I posted over the weekend, and have something more upbeat today. Now I need some inspiration for this week. We have a host of Singjay’s history posts, more classic content from when life was simple and the Leafs were bad, or more recent things that are useful, fun, and touch on the team and issues in the NHL today.

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