When someone goes down, someone's gotta come up to replace him. Viktor Loov, evidently, went down - in practice, unfortunately - and that left the Maple Leafs with just five defencemen.

... Yeah, that's not going to cut it. The Leafs have recalled T.J. Brennan from the Marlies to ensure they have a full roster when they take on the New York Islanders tonight.

Loov has been off to a modest start in his NHL career; over four games played with the Leafs, he's got two assists. This season with the Marlies, he's put up 15 points over 53 games.

... But then there's Brennan. Brennan, who has played for the Marlies the past three seasons (though he got in six games with the Leafs last season, too). Brennan, who has been a nearly point-per-game defenceman every single year with the Marlies, including this year - 55 points through 59 games, including 22 goals - and is the leading scorer on the best team in the AHL.

That T.J. Brennan, defenceman. He's 26 years old and has been unable to stick in the NHL - but it is possible he's the best guy in the AHL.

But now he's getting another chance to try to transition his stuff to the NHL game - at least, until somebody gets healthy. Then it's back to the Marlies.