Brian Burke basically wrote today's FTB for me. The Maple Leafs acquired Matt Lashoff, the #22 overall pick in the 2005 NHL draft, from the Tamp Bay Lightning for Alex Berry and Stefano Giliati. Obviously, this is a minor deal. Lashoff has spent the majority of his four-year pro career in the AHL, including two and a half seasons in Providence and a season in Norfolk. Berry was drafted 153rd overall in 2005 by the Leafs. He played four seasons at UMass in the NCAA before joining the Marlies last year. In 55 games, Berry recorded 7 points. Giliati was signed as a free agent in 2008 by the Leafs after an 87 point season with Lewiston of the QMJHL. He spent 2008-09 with the Marlies and split time between Reading and Toronto (AHL) last year. Burke moved two borderline AHLers for a solid AHL defenseman. And he cut a contract off the Leafs reserve list at the same time. Not a bad move. I'm not predicting anything, but this does open the door for Burke to sign another player.

Stats for the newest Leaf and your links after the jump.

Matt Lashoff

Tampa Bay Lightning

1986/09/29 23

6-2 204

Albany, NY, USA


the Boston Bruins in 2005 (1st round)

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