Every time I look at the masthead on this site, I realize I'm one of the few Canadians listed on it, which is an interesting statement about Leaf fans in itself.  I like to think I can bring some needed Canadian Content to the site.  And what's more Canadian than The Beachcombers?  The Beachcombers was a CBC TV show about a guy near Vancouver who tracked down logs on beaches.  His name was Nick Adonidas and the bad guy - his main competition for these logs - was named Relic.  Sounds like a pretty boring concept, hey?  Well somehow this show managed to run 17 seasons, meaning that for the majority of Leaf fans here who are in their late 20's and up, this show was a big part of their childhood - and more.

I barely remember The Beachcombers but I do remember how sad my dad was when CBC announced that it was ending.  This show was a Canadian institution, much like other CBC shows as Degrassi, the Royal Canadian Air Farce and The Friendly Giant. Heck, when they did the Beachcombers Reunion show it was a rather big deal.  Families reserved that night to watch Nick and Relic and all of Nick's friends one last time.  They also apparently have a facebook group.  Oh yeah, and there were two movies made about The "New" Beachcombers, who also have their own facebook group.  The second movie, Christmas At Molly's Reach even featured hockey as a central plot point, with appearances from Ron McLean and Kelly Hrudey.  By the end of the movie, the good guy's hockey team features Manon Rheaume, Tiger Williams, Jyrki Lumme and Gary Nylund.  How's that for Leafs content?

Why am I talking about The Beachcombers today? Because it was filmed and set in lovely Gibsons BC, a 40 minute ferry ride from North Vancouver and my destination this weekend. Gibsons is very picturesque, about an hour's commute from Downtown Vancouver, and it has that quaint, small town feeling. I'm fortunate enough to have both friends and family that live there (although one friend is a Canucks fan who hates all things Toronto, with me being the only exception.) So while you're here, searching for hockey news to talk about, I'll be relaxing up in Gibsons, eating fresh seafood, and maybe combing beaches for driftwood (probably not).

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