Click the image to register so we can get an idea of how many people we'll have enter.

Some of you read the Pensblog. Last week they were approached by a company called Rivalspot who runs video game tournaments. As an introductory offer Rivalspot offered up a free to enter tournament where the winner walks away with a brand new copy of NHL 11.

No catch, no nonsense. The basic format is a 16 person tournament: win and move on and at the end of the tournament the winner takes home a copy of NHL 11.

What I Need You Guys to Do:

  1. Click the above image to register even though we don't have a tournament yet. That will let me know if we need to have more than one tournament.
  2. Post in the comments what system you want to play on. I know we have a ton of Xbox 360 users but I don't know how many people have NHL 10 on the PS3. If there's interest there will be a PS3 tournament.
  3. Post when would be good for you to play. Not "this Wednesday at 7pm" be more flexible: something like "weeknights" or "weekend afternoons", etc.
  4. Feel free to give us feedback if you hate promotions and getting free copies of new video games.

The Pensbloggers and crew had an awesome time with their tournament and there's a good chance that as more blogs sign up for this there will be blog vs blog showdowns. The Pensblog have already challenged us to see who will have NHL 10 supremacy... this could be fun.