Auston Matthews is pretty new to the NHL. Just 23 games into his career, he’s still cementing his place in the league.

But being the first overall pick comes with its responsibilities. One of them? He’s gonna get to do commercials. Lots of them, because people are going to want his name on stuff. And sometimes, they’ll be really fun ones, like this ad for the Nexus 1N stick:

In which Matthews is being a good kid, waiting for everyone to get back, when Jonathan Toews of all people starts pushing him to break stuff.

Then again, it’s not like Matthews needs that much convincing to get out and shoot the puck around. He may not be able to hit his shot in one try, but hey, he gets close - and he’s got a real hard one.

Though maybe that lack of pinpoint, 100% accuracy is a good thing when he’s the one to start encouraging the destruction of filming equipment? Oh, Matthews. Today’s youth have no respect.

Though it is great to watch him chirp Toews over his very prominent veggie-loving ways. Right when he starts going for the veggie tray, too; damn. But hey - who would have thought this dynamic would work, after all?