This might be the most anticlimactic video I have ever seen. It's kind of amazing, like that.

For all of the pomp and circumstance the draft lottery show gets, the actual lottery draw itself is incredibly mundane. Check it: here's a machine full of little balls flying around! A ball comes up through the tube, and a guy, whose job I'm going to refer to as "ball handler" from here on out, makes sure everyone - the camera and the dudes with all the combinations before them - sees it. No tampering or conspiracies to be found here, folks, no siree. (How does one get the job of ball handler, anyway?)

Once all the balls have been selected and the ball handler has turned off the machine, it takes the other guys a solid 30 seconds to figure out who that combination belongs to. (Having a digital copy and being able to Ctrl+F would have been too easy, I guess?)

And then, the best part: Gary Bettman, totally unnecessarily and purely for show, saying in a clear voice, "The Toronto Maple Leafs will have the first selection in the 2016 NHL Draft."

The entire 2015-16 paid off just to hear that sentence. Good work, all.