Seriously? What is this?

Okay, so it's a routine offside call. Mitch Marner and Guelph Storm forward Luke Burghardt then bump each other, and Marner gives him a little slash in the aftermath. Burghardt then decides to retaliate by... bringing his stick up and crosschecking Marner in the jaw.

It's really not a fun time to be a Maple Leafs prospect, is it?

Regardless, though, you don't hit people in the face. You just don't. That's generally a rule that applies to all walks of life, and hockey isn't an exception, no matter what Marner may have done to instigate some form of retaliation.

Both players got unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and Berghardt got an extra two for crosschecking; however, the London Knights failed to score on the power play, and were ultimately shut out 3-0 by the Guelph Storm.

Marner wasn't injured, and stayed in the game. He had three shots on net, but his 21 game point streak was snapped. The last time Marner was held pointless was Oct. 16.