The Marlies' 20 Questions series is the best, and now the great, talented, and, most important of all, hilarious Viktor Loov is a part of it.

Or he may be going back to Viktor Love - and therefore, one of his nicknames is the Love Machine. It's a thing.

So, what are the highlights in this particular set of questions? I'm going to start with just how Swedish he is. For example: is it any surprise that the TV show he's currently into is Vikings? Or, when asked what sport he would play if it wasn't hockey, that he says, verbatim:

"For sure football. Not American football. Fotboll."

So soccer.

His favourite karaoke songs to sing are also Swedish songs. I know nothing about Swedish music, so I'm just going to assume he sings a lot of Abba, which really would be fantastic.

A few other great tidbits: birthday cake Timbits are his favourite doughnuts (a man after my own heart, those things are incredible), the first Mighty Ducks movie is the best sports movie, he'd rather be a superhero (which he apparently looks like - "thank you," he says - than a villain), and he really, really, really, really loves Utica, probably because of the Utica Casino Buffet.

Loov also readily admits he's the worst trash talker on the Marlies. That's okay, though, because it comes with an awesome side effect: he's also impervious to trash talk. It just doesn't affect him. "That's not the truth, so why listen to them." Loov is smart.

He's got a few great chirps for some of his teammates, too. He looks right into the camera to declare Kasperi Kapanen as the Marlie with the worst style (and apparently has a problem with one of his pair of jeans?). And the greatest moment of his life to date...?

When I beat Willie Nylander to the NHL."

Oi yoi yoi.

The purest part of this 20 Questions, though, is definitely everything about Petter Granberg.

Who was his best defence partner?  Petter Granberg.   What celebrity would he take a selfie with? PETTER GRANBERG. Who's his best friend in hockey not on the Marlies? Give him a P, give him an E--

Honestly, it's beautiful.