Welcome to November, everyone. The Leafs go to Sweden, the Americans play too much football, and people make nonsense out of cause and effect by announcing you have to be in a playoff position by American Thanksgiving or you're doomed.

Relive last night's game in the recap, which I'm confident you can find on the front page.


Oh no. That's really too bad.

The Toronto Whatevers signed a draft pick:

The rookies got to go out on dad's dime:

Who had October 31 in the pool?

Does it not seem like this guy has more he could offer the right team?

In other news, it's been reported that both the NHL and the NHLPA are interested in doing more to promote the use of protective equipment. So we'll see if anything comes of this.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. The Leafs are walking to Boston towing their equipment bags as they think about what they've done while you get to count up leftover chocolate and/or figure out how much to steal from your kids. Or go buy some on sale!