Yesterday the Women’s World Championships finished with Finland taking the bronze in the early game in a convincing, but not dominating win over Switzerland. The Swiss surprised this year with their ability to push hard with their best player sidelined, and it feels like a matter of time before they are a threat to win in the bronze medal game or even a semifinal.

Finland didn’t quite match their heights of 2019, but they did make the most of the roster they had, and proved once and for all, they are more than their famous goalie.

In the gold medal game, the USA came out hot in period one and put up two goals from Alex Carpenter before Canada really found their game. After that, it was mostly Canada’s game for a period and half, while Nicole Hensley, the American goalie was fantastic.

Canada tied the game in the second on a goal by Brianne Jenner after a very ticky-tacky penalty call on a faceoff violation. Take the luck you get, says I. Next up, Jamie Lee Rattray parked herself in front of the net, as she does and tipped it in.

USA spent too much time in the penalty box until the third when an opening penalty to Canada (they kill much better than they PP) led into an intense period of chances at both ends, but no goals. There were some very near misses,

but the game when to OT, as maybe it was always meant to.

OT is three-on-three, and it didn’t end quickly, but it ended the right way. Marie-Philip Poulin knew she’d won gold, but it took a video review as they played on to prove it:

Yes, goal.

Gold is back where it belongs. First we take Worlds, then we take Olympics.

Now that the women are finished playing, we should expect some news on the NHL participation on the men’s side. The word is that will be positive.

In other news:

The ex-NBC employees seeking other jobs news continues:

That’s well out of the limelight and away from having to answer any awkward questions.

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