Is it me, or has time slowed down significantly since the regular season ended? It’ll be fine for the likes of Minnesota, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, LA, and Vegas since they start their series later tonight, but the rest of us have to keep waiting. If you could capture Leafs nation in a 15 or so second video, it would probably look something like this:

However, it’s only one extra day; there are other things we could do besides forcing the words Boston and Game 7 out our minds. At first, it was all fun and games, but now the reminders are getting a little out of hand. In saying that, I want to thank the Sportsnet Youtube channel for posting the 46-minute collapse.

So what’s something entertaining that we can do until then? Well, with the Stanley Cup Playoffs come Stanley Cup Playoff Beards, and we know who on the team will struggle in that department. Mitch Marner gave his thoughts on the facial growth aspect of the post-season, and he doesn’t sound too confident in producing there.

On the bright side, at least Tomas Plekanec can grow his goatee again. If you’re asking me, it'll probably be Nazem Kadri and Connor Brown who lead the Leafs.

Who do you got?

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Enjoy your Wednesday Leafs fans!