The PWHL Toronto team flattened Minnesota last night to take a 2-0 lead in the series. It was a long slog of the game until the last few moments when Toronto got all the momentum to win it.

Over 8,000 attended the game at the Coliseum last night. The games now shift over to Minnesota, but with the best-of-five format Toronto needs only one more win to move on to the finals. Montréal and Boston play game 2 of their series Saturday and then Sunday is a travel day for all the teams. Toronto plays again on Monday night.

Easton Cowan is on the ice again tonight at 7 pm for game 2 of the OHL final. London won the first game fairly convincingly 8-1. The last possible day for this series is May 20, with the Memorial Cup starting on May 24.

Yesterday was the hotly anticipated big news conference with the MLSE executives which kind of fell flat because Sheldon Keefe was already fired on Thursday, and there really wasn't any news announced by the team. Basically a brief summary follows here which I will let you interpret however you like.

If you want to watch the whole thing, here it is.

Other News

The Panthers beat the Bruins 6-2 yesterday to take a 2-1 lead in their series.

The Canucks and Oilers game went to OT, where the Oilers won it to tie up the series. There was some nasty work going on in that game.

In the World Championships Canada is playing Great Britain this morning and uh.... wait which team has the lead?

And I have no idea what exactly is happening here with this "Major League Hockey" where all kinds of odd announcements and rumours are swirling around, including from some sources who have since deleted their comments on it. Here's a quick summary article if you haven't heard about this yet.

Schlossman: Major League Hockey is trying to hire people, but is it for real?
The apparent leader said he has arena deals in place or pending in 16 markets. There’s no proof of any.

Have a fun weekend!