It's over for the Maple Leafs, and perhaps for the team in any way close to what it resembles as of today.

Here's our recap of last night's playoff elimination game.

Recap: Maple Leafs fight hard, fall to Panthers
Florida wins it in overtime. This is how it happened:

The most relevant comment about what could be next:

Here's the full presser:

What's Next?

We'll be covering the big questions in the coming weeks about what decisions need to be made by the Leafs, what options they have, and who might stay or go.

We'll also continue to follow the Marlies as their playoff journey is still underway, in fact they play this afternoon at the Coliseum for their second game of the series against the Rochester Americans. They lost game #1 on Thursday night.

Oh and in the late game last night the Oilers lost again, allowing the Golden Knights to score three goals in only 90 seconds to secure their inevitable victory. Vegas is now up 3-2 in that series. LOLOILERS.

In the meantime, let's all decompress together here. I'm now glad that game was on a Friday night so we have the weekend to get past it.

Arvind and Fulemin will record their final ever episode of Back to Excited later today.