So I've been trying really hard to catch up on the hockey news that happened, especially this whole Pat Burns fake death report fiasco.  Which is really hard to catch up on because it happened on twitter and, well, twitter ain't the best place for grouping all tweets of one subject from 4 or 5 days ago in one place.  So most of my info is from blogs and stories like this one from Bruce Dowbiggin.
Now, I know what half of you are thinking: "GROAN not another MSM vs Bloggers post!"  And I promise you that this isn't that.  I don't really know what went on, I'm glad to see one MSMer calling out another MSMer and while I think it's great that they finally got caught red-handed doing something they oh-so-often accuse blogs of doing exclusively, what I want to talk about is the collateral damage.

Is this is what led Elliotte Friedman to quit twitter?  I thought I read something about this yesterday but can't find the proof, so maybe I made the connection myself.  But the timing makes sense.  Why else would a respected guy like Friedman leave twitter on the eve of the return of hockey? Friedman is definitely one of the good guys.  He has an excellent blog and was very engaging on twitter.  It's a pity, and it worries me that someone who provides coverage that requires access that most people can't get might leave over such an issue.  I checked his CBC blog and they still have the link up to his twitter account, but no e-mail address or other way to contact Friedman.  It's a pity, I'd like to know why he felt the need to delete his twitter account (despite his assertion that he was "taking a break" in one of his final tweets - you don't delete if you think you're coming back anytime soon).  Does anyone know?

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